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Our Strength, Capacity and Capability


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Strength and Capacity

Factory Area

Total Area

10000 sqmt.

Covered Area

2680 sqmt.

Production Capacity



Leaf Springs

350 tons

Coil Springs

40,000 Kgs

Auto Components

1,00,000 Nos.

Butly Tubes/Tyres

250 tons / 1,000 tons

List of Production Machines

Shearing Machine

Capacity to shear flats from 45 x 6 mm to 120 x 20 mm. The flats are cut as per the required dimension.

Drilling Machine

Used to drill holes in the leaf for centre location and clips.

Eye Rolling

To roll eye from 1/ 2" eye I.D to 2 1/ 2" eye I.D. the maximum thickness of flats for which an eye can be rolled is 20 mm.

Wrap Forming Machine

To form wrap over the main leaf.

Taper Rolling Machine

To roll the leaf as per specification.

End Heating and Centre Heating Furnace

To heat the flats for eye rolling, wrap forming, radius cutting ST-Cutting operations.

Walking Beam Furnace

For hardening with a capacity of 750 kg per hour.

Pusher Furnace

Also for hardening small leaves with a capacity of 400 kg per hour.

Camber Machine

To give the heated leaves required camber.

Tempering Furnace

Conveyorised furnace for tempering hardened leaves.

Shot Peening

To shot peen main and wrap leaf.

Rivetting Machines


Assembly Tables

To assemble all the leaves to form an assembly.

Power Presses

To perform various operations on the leaves like V-Cutting, ST-Cutting etc.

List of Testing Machines

Brinell Hardness Tester

To check the hardness of the leaves.

Fie Make Load Testing Machine

To check the load rate of the spring.

Scragging Machine

The springs are scragged three times in succession under load.

Parrallelism Table

To check the parallelism of the eyes.

Apart from the above machines the incoming raw material (spring steel flats) are checked at our associate laboratory for the chemical composition by spectrometer.

Also the dimensional checking is done through measuring tapes which are calibrated by weights and measure department.

All conventional measuring instruments like micrometer, vernier, snap gauges and plug gauges are used to meet the customer specification and are calibrated as per calibration plan.

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