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Leaf Springs

Raw Material

Tests, all raw materials received is tested in laboratory.

Chemical Properties

  1. SHYAM suspensions are available in the following gradations namely EN (British), SAE (US),JIS (Japan) & DIN (Germany) and ISI 3431.
  2. Macro etching for surface and internal defect.
  3. Hardness after heat treatment it is tested for micro structure and depth of DECARBURISATION..

Eye Rolling Machine

It is PLC based fully automatic eye rolling machine with capacity to roll eye every 12 Seconds along with the manual eye rolling machine.

Hardening & Tempering Furnace

The metallurgical treatment that forms the most important segment of the leaf spring is achieved by our two furnaces

  1. The walking beam type of furnace with fully automatic temperature controller and a capacity to harden 1000kg / hr.
  2. The conveyorzed tempering furnace with a capacity to temp 1000kg / hr and equipped with fully automatic temperature controller.

Assembly & Finish

  1. Shot peening: This is done as specified , on an in-line WHEELABRATOR SPM to improve the fatigue life.
  2. Scragging: Each spring assembly is preloaded to achieve the permanent set by deflecting is to an extent that develops a stress equal to 90% of the Designed Stress of the material in the heat treated condition.

Physical Characteristics

Spring Eyes

Spring Eyes
Tolerance on diameters shall be + 0.00 - 0.25mm for unbushed eyes.
The bushes are checked with a round plug Go/On-Go gauge to the dimensions specified.


Eyes of the main leaf in the assembled spring measured in unloaded condition to be + 2.5 mm at a distance of 500 mm for passenger cars and + 5 mm for commercial vehicles.


As per customer's specifications. (2.95) - 3.10 BHN

Load Testing

Load Testing
It is done by taking average of compression and release loads 25mm above and below the specified position on 20 ton capacity spm. The tolerance maintained is between + 7% & - 7% of the specified load.

Protective Coating

Protective Coating
Individual leaves are given a coat of Red Oxide before the assembly is spray painted and the paint is even dried.


The assemblies are covered by polyethylene plastic and staked onto, pallets each weighing about 1 to 1.5 tons. The pallets are then strapped securely on the outside by automatic stretch wrapping machine to avoid dust and corrosion.

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